Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Build Your Dream Villa

We all have a dream of owning a beautiful house- a little piece of land that signifies our identity. Even those who own an apartment would wish to have their own villa, for the sole reason of being independent and unique.

This is because apart from prestige issues, owners of apartments have to deal with another most important issue, and that is ' privacy'. This is why, based on the affordability, an individual usually prefers construction of their villa to any readymade house or apartment.

The Construction of  Villa is designed to be self sufficient and can include servant quarters, gardens, and garages. An ideal villa cannot be a one man show, as it involves a lot of different expertise in various fields.


So once you have bought your piece of land, you have to then follow the different stages of villa construction.

The first and most important step to your dream villa is to project your dream on paper. For this, you have to find an architect who can visualise your dream villa for you by drawing an accurate blueprint. The architect has to make sure that all your requirements are met along with his own expertise, as and when required.

Once the blueprint is ready, the next person in demand would be the one with governmental or official contacts. This person will make sure that your dream villa gets all the required clearances, from various government departments such as the Municipality or Panchayat wards, registrar, PWD, Electricity Board, etc.

After all the legal paperwork is in place comes the entry of a very important source- construction contractor. It can either be an individual or a team. No contractor works alone as he will have his own trusted team of architects, engineers, and interior decorators who will further have their own team of people.

Together, they will fuse all the units, resulting in your dream villa that not only looks good but also practically functional. The latest trends in villa construction today is buying a plot in a society which is pre-developed, thus providing you an option of access to additional community services like a common clubhouse, gymnasium, swimming pool etc.

The construction company that sells these pre-developed plots can be a boon for your villa construction as they can provide you with all the expertise mentioned above.

One such Leading Construction Company in Kerala is 'OPZET Constructions.' OPZET Constructions offers an array of services that are best-in-class in the industry.
Total Construction Solutions: Whatever it is in your mind, we offer the best construction facilities in Kerala. We have successfully constructed massive hospitals, hotels, resorts, educational Institutes, community buildings, commercial and residential complexes. Simultaneously, we also have constructed several houses and Villas based on Vastu designs with proper advice from vastu consultants.

Apart from new construction, we also undertake services like Interior Decorations and Furnishings, building and home renovations, repairs and extensions.

If you don't want to go through the process of construction, then we also provide ready-to-move-in houses and villas and several other projects that will be launched in future.


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Thursday, 9 June 2016

Our Dream Home is now a reality

An own  house is a  dream of every individual. We should construct our house with utmost care because we are on a mission of fulfilling our dream. Here are some guidelines to follow before your start your work.
Budget is an important factor in every construction. Based on our financial capability we need to fix the budget. We should always try to finish the construction within the stipulated budget. Based on the budget, we need to  prepare the plan.

2.Location and plot
We should always give importance to the type of plot and land used. The location varies from suburban areas to coastal areas. The type of soil present  is also an important factor which is to be given importance.
3.Designer and contractor
We need to choose efficient  designers and contractors to carry out the entire construction work. They should be able to design home according to the wishes of the customer. House construction in Kerala can be a  better choice for people who dream of meadows and backwaters in and around their site. There are a lot of good designers and contractors in Kerala  who are capable of fulfilling your dream with affordable rates. Opzet constructions is a pioneer in it. 4.Plan
Based on location, budget and plot we need to prepare a plan.The designers help us to make a suitable plan. 5.Building permit and electricity connection Before laying the foundation stone we should obtain the desirable permits from various departments. Water availability and electricity connections are mandatory.

By reading the above guidelines we got an idea of how to begin the work. In addition to the above guidelines there are a lot of things which are to be followed before purchasing various materials for construction. The materials vary from sand to sanitarywares. Proper care should be taken while purchasing each and every product by giving importance to cost without compromising quality.

Now you may be worrying how difficult it is to make your dream home a reality. Here we have Opzet constructions to help you,  whose prime  motto is Customer satisfaction .

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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Planning and Designing Services of Opzet Construction

Planning and designing are the basic step in any form of activity. Proper planning is the base of success. 
Planning and Designing

As we consider the case of construction, no work or activity can be performed without proper planning. Building a strategic plan for your business will help you to improve your business in a better and profitable manner. A strategic plan will help you to increase the efficiency of your work as well as it minimize the conflicts and confusions involved in your work.

Construction Management :
 Construction Management is a part of planning process which helps to utilize men, materials, machineries and money in an economic basis. To ensure a productive work environment, the management team have to make sure that the construction workers are lead, organised and controlled in a most effective way.

Benefits of Planning and Designing :-
  • A proper plan helps not only to work under budget but also enable the completion of work on time.
  • A good plan ensures maximum utilization of available resources.
  • A proper planning is required to keep the budget in check
  • A good design should also ensure being environment friendly.
  • Good design helps to aggregate the beauty factor of the area along with the best of amenities.

The ability to make a proper and efficient design is facilitated through a creative and well designed plan. Opzet Constructors, one of the eminent building constructors in Kerala, provides the best Planning and Designing Services as per customers requirements. We have engineers and supervisors with decades of experience delivers maximum output for our customers.   

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Monday, 1 February 2016

Support Services Offered By Opzet Constructions

Opzet Constructions is one of the  Top Construction Company  Kochi which provides various  construction services to the customers to fulfill their dream projects. 

Services offered by Opzet Constructions includes the following:

  • Plots for house - This is one of the main service offered by Opzet Constructions. It helps to reduce the effort of customers by choosing a plot provided by the company rather than spending time to find plots to build homes. The customers can contact the company directly without involving  external dealers or brokers for plots.

  • Planning and designing -  Effective planning and designing helps to  make  efficient utilization of  the resources.

  • Construction - Construction projects of  Opzet Constructions will be handled by an expert team of engineers with an experience of more than 15 years.

  • Interior furnishing - Opzet Constructions possess creative designers to find the most finest interior designs for  houses, hotels and resorts.

  • Home renovation - Opzet Constructions provides  house extensions by maintaining its original structure.

Support Services
Opzet Constructions  provides the following support services to customers:

  • Construction - Construction is the process of converting a design into physical reality with the involvement of architects and engineers.
  • Plan submission - The plan should get approved from concerned authority before starting the development works.
  • Legal formalities -  It is always safe to get a valid contract by paying the legal fees.
  • Surveying -  The land should be surveyed before starting the construction process.
  • Land purchase - Loan facilities are available to purchase the land .
  • Registration - The process of registration to be completed before construction process starts.
  • Home repair services - Opzet Constructions provides home repair services including home cleaning, electrical works etc.
  • Water and sewage treatment - The water can be refined for future use.
  • Home insurance policy - The company offers Home insurance policy to the customers.
  • Environmental issue clearance - An Environmental Impact Assessment should be done for a good construction project.
  • Fire and security - A trained team of professionals are provided by Opzet Constructions  to install the  fire security devices.
  • Quality monitoring - Quality maintenance services will be provided by the company at an attractive cost.
Opzet Constructions helps the customers to get quality projects at an affordable cost.
For more details visit us on: www.constructions-kerala.com

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Construction Management in Kerala

Opzet constructions provides Construction Management Services in Kerala to fulfill our dreams with the support of  highly skilled Engineers and Supervisors having  an experience of more than 15 years.
It offers better services to the people in locating and returning back their financial assets.  They are focussed mainly in planning modern apartments, interior design. The offices are located at Irinjalakuda and Kochin.
Opzet construction is one of the Top Construction Companies Kochi . They are issuing variety of quality designs for construction of villas and resorts.

Opzet constructions offers the following services :

  • Construction :

Support services offered by Opzet constructions includes the following :

Opzet constructions holds some sort of land properties so that they can provide customers with land and construct villas  on that particular plots.  A panel of experts analyse the projects realistically and make plans in an optimized way based on the customer needs.

Opzet constructions are providing construction services across Kerala.

Mr.Jinto is the Managing Director of Opzet constructions. We are working towards attaining customer satisfaction.

The construction projects will be done on the land chosen by the customers .  Opzet constructions supports the customers by providing  plots for house constructions.
For more details visit us on : www.constructions-kerala.com .